Trust Trace
ΕΣΠΑ Λογότυπα

Trust Trace

Design and development of a system of total and documented traceability and quality control for processed agricultural and fishery products focusing on the consumer

During this project, an integrated system of complete and documented traceability for processed fruits, fruits and fish with a consumer focus will be designed and developed. The proposed traceability system will be a unique marketing tool for the diversification and promotion of Greek processed agricultural products with a focus on local varieties, fruit origin, cultivation processes, catching, processing, preservation and transport processes and their nutrient profile.

A key innovative feature of this integrated system is the wholistic process of certifying a series of critical characteristics of fruits, nuts and fishes in terms of their geographical origin (avoidance of fraud) and the cultivation process. In addition, for each different variety, species and geographical origin will be created the special nutritional profile that will accompany the processed product.

The Ultimate goal of this integrated traceability system is the feedback from the consumer himself, since consumers and their preferences could help continually improving products and designing new ones based on different consumer profiles in specific markets. To this end, a decision support system will be developed, which could use as input primary data and perform analysis like: a) product selection criteria b) consumer behavior, c) market segmentation and d) development of new product scenarios targeting to create to fully support marketing decisions.

The databases in this Decision Support System will be created based on the results of feedback - evaluations from consumers both through an online electronic platform and a mobile application, for the products they buy, the historical sales data, and the business cost data. Through these models it will be possible to evaluate and select market segments based on the results of criterion analysis (importance of criteria).This wholistic (complete and documented) traceability and quality control system that will be designed through the program, for processed agricultural and fishery products, will create benefits at all levels in a supply chain, starting from the consumer, and ending to the producer of agricultural products, creating tin this way a critical competitive advantage for all those involved in the supply chain (producers, traders, processors, retailers and consumers).

The products that will be the used as a pilot in this program and the platform are "Kalamon" olives, the Corinthian Raisin "VOSTITSA PDO". and Mesolongi's roe (PDO).