Application of shade drying for the enhancement of Corinthian currant quality

Corinthian raisin or Corinthian currant is a very important exported Greek agricultural product. Greece is the major Corinthian raisin producer, since its production accounting for approx. 80% of the worldwide production. Traditionally, raisins have been produced by employing the solar power. An alternative method, which is proposed to be applied in the present research project, i.e. shade drying, based on an old but well promising practice, will be applied in the context of a implemented research project. It is expected that the added value of the product will lead to the adoption of the new drying method on a large scale and its application to similar products such as sultanas, dried figs and prunes. This alternative drying method is expected to have a significant economic impact on the price of the new product (shade dried Corinthian raisin) because of the consumers' awareness for the consumption of products with optimized health promoting properties. At the same time, the higher Corinthian currant bioactive micro-constituents content obtained by the shade drying method is expected to expand Corinthian raisin marketing efficiency in other products such as dairy products and chocolate and permit intrusion of this product to other consumer groups (youth population).


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