Social Responsibility

"Give me a place to stand, and I will make the earth move" Archimidis 220bc

Sustainable development is not just a follow up to the demand of conscious and diligent consumers. For us, it is the fundamental principle of our existence. As one of the first Agricultural Cooperative Unions in Greece, since 1935, we have grounded our development on the values of solidarity, justice, goodness and wholeness.

We, the farmers, took the responsibility to support our communities, our products and the region in total. Over 15000 families make their living through agriculture and actively get supported from the Union. Our network accounts for 6000 active member growers, of black Corinthian currants and olive oil. The strong ties between the Union and the growers allows us to be in control of the fertilizers and the substances used during the cultivation of olive trees and black Corinthian currants.

Black Corinthian Currants, the traditional product of the region, is one of the most difficult cultivations worldwide. It is mainly cultivated on the mountain slopes of the area, above 700 meters above sea level. Our olive trees are also cultivated in the mountainous areas, in contrast to other regions. The reason behind this selection and particularly the sea-facing slopes, is microclimate. After years of experience on our products we know where the soil and wind are ideal for our cultivations. The difficulties though, of living and farming in such remote areas and villages empowered our Union and its vital role. We have united our efforts to support our society and continue the cultivation of these unique products, overcoming the obstacles. The biggest obstacle derives from the absence of mechanical cultivation, due to the morphology of the slopes. Every task is completed by hand, from spraying to gathering the product. Nevertheless, it is a sacrifice worth making, considering the superior quality and taste of our products.