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The Raisin Cooperatives Union was established at Aeghion in 1918 when the rural cooperative idea and activity was born in Greece. The Vostizza Raisin Bank is established in 1923. Those two Associations merged in 1935 to form the Agricultural Cooperatives Union of Aeghion.

The main activity of the new Union was to collect and trade the raisins of its member-producers.

In 1948 the first raisin industry is established on the coast of Aeghion. This is how the "Vostizza" Currant processing and export to Europe begins as well as of the citrus fruits and olive oil from the area.

In 1983 ACUA attempts and initiates successfully for the first time in Greece to cultivate, pack and export the Organic Currant. This effort expands later in the production of Organic Olive oil and Citrus fruits.

In 1990 a new raisin factory is established at the privately owned facilities where the processing and export of the famous "Vostizza" Currant is carried out until today.

Thanks to the actions of ACUA, in 1998 the "Vostizza" Currant was recognized as Protected Designation of Origin product (P.D.O.). Today, ACUA collects, packs and exports "Gulf" κand "Provincial" Currant varieties and as a result it is the main Currant export company representing approximately 60% of the entire Greek annual production. Moreover, today ACUA manages approximately 90% of the "Vostizza P.D.O." high quality Currant.

In 2012,the Agricultural Cooperatives Union of Aeghion was the first cooperative organization to become a Societe Anonyme.


The industrial activities are developed in the privately owned complex where the raisin, olive oil and citrus fruit process is carried out.

The modern production facilities (equipped with sorting devices for the food industry of the latest technology such as laser, x-rays, metallic detectors etc) comply with the strictest food industry specifications and they meet all modern health and safety standards as well as the most demanding standards of the biggest foreign industries.

ACUA SA has grown to approximately 200 specialized employees involved in its industrial daily activities.

The products produced by ACUA SA are the following:

All production procedures are certified under ISO 9001, ISO 22000, BRC, KOSHER, HALAL and GLOBALGAP standards. The Quality Control Labs are certified according to ISO 17025.