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Raisin Paste

The raisin paste is produced by dried excellent quality raisins of the “Vostizza P.D.O.” high quality variety, selected and processed with the use of the most modern sorting, cutting and pulpifying systems.

The “Vostizza P.D.O” top quality raisin is selected when at full ripeness. The grapestones are removed without however the grapes losing any of its precious elements such as the vegetable fibres or the polyphenols. Thanks to this particular processing method the raisin paste preserves all the elements of raisin without any grapestone or grapestone pieces left in it.

Depending on the customer’s preferences a humectant substance may be added such as glycerin, of no more than 5% (w/w).

The product is stabilized by itself due to the low water activity, a property which ensures its longevity.

It is extremely rich in antioxidants, such as anthocyanins and polyphenols, as well as a number of other elements such as vitamins and fibres.

Thanks to the high fructose levels, the raisin paste is of high energy and low glycemic index, which makes it suitable for consumption almost by all people.

This new product is appropriate for industrial use in the bakery sector as an ingredient for cookies and bread or instead of jam. Moreover, as opposed to jam it has neither added sugar at all nor any other stabilizing agent.

The great advantage of raisin paste is that its taste and aroma remain constant and consistent.

The raisin paste is available in different packaging (such as sachets) or various sizes both in the retail and whole sale market depending on the customers’ needs.