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The state of the art facilities of ACUA SA meet the highest technological and health & safety standards so as to ensure the excellent quality of the product.

The producers deliver the raisins at ACUA SA facilities in late November in special pallet containers.

The entire process is performed according to strict specifications of ACUA, namely quality control and classification, disinfestations and storage in modern storing spaces according to the strictest hygiene rules.

Hand sorting

The processing of the product is performed only following order of a customer.

From the raisin-feeder raisins pass directly through sieves and they are separated depending on their size. Special extractors are used to remove the red thin berries, and chaffs as well as anything lighter than the raisins. Then raisins are washed, stipes are removed and they are sorted with the use of laser and x-ray devices. The next important sot-out stage is hand sorting by experienced workers. Finally the raisins are packed in carton boxes, pass through metallic detectors and are ready for use.

Packaging Lines

During the production process the Quality Control Labs –certified according to ISO 17025 – monitor the operation, take samples and conduct the necessary tests.

To achieve the safest possible result, the production process at the ACUA facilities is fully in accordance with the quality standards ISO 9001, ISO 22000, BRC, KOSHER και HALAL.