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General Info


Northern Peloponnesus and particularly from the planes of Aeghialeia until the coasts of the Corinthian Gulf is the district where excellent quality citrus fruits are cultivated and produced.
The famous lemons from the area of Aeghion, unique for their freshness, aroma and juice, is an important export activity of ACUA and are exported mainly to the countries of Northern Europe. The production processes are certified according to GLOBALGAP.


The main citrus fruit varieties that are packed by ACUA are: lemons ("Μaglino") and oranges ("Νavel" and "Νavelina").


Maglini is the variety which is mainly cultivated and produces fragrance smelling fruits with a relevantly sour taste juice. They have thin and glossy skin and when fully ripe they turn yellowish. They are available in the market from September until May.


The main varieties produced are Navel and Navellina and their trading period is from November until February as well as Valencia from March until June.

Lemon Maglino October May
Lemon Interdonato October November
Orange Navelina November December
Orange Merlin December January
Orange Salustiana February February
Orange Merlin Common December January
Orange Valencia March August
Tangerine Clementine December January
Tangerine Encor April May
Grapefruit   December February

Facilities – Quality - Packaging

ACUA’s modern packaging unit is equipped with cold storage rooms, sorting and packaging line as well as automatic net and girsac packaging lines.

The production processes are certified according to GLOBALGAP.

ACUA has the experience and the capacity to offer different packaging depending on the customer’s needs.