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ACUA places great emphasis on the certification and quality assurance of both products and production processes according to the specifications of internationally recognized organizations. ACUA’s main objective is to offer products of excellent quality so as to best satisfy its customers. The company’s products are controlled systematically in its labs and fulfill the strictest EU specifications.

Since 1998, the "VOSTIZZA" currant is registered by the European Union as Protected Designated Origin (P.D.O.) product.

The operation of the raisin factory is in accordance with the international quality assurance systems ISO 22000, ΙSO 9001, BRC, KOSHER and HALAL.

The olive oil standardization processes are according to ISO 22000 and ΙSO 9001 quality standards.

The citrus fruit packaging unit is certified according to GLOBALGAP.

ACUA is one of the few food production and processing units in our country with Quality Control Labs certified according to ISO 17025 where complex chemical tests are carried out as well as other analysis regarding Ochratoxin A and Moist in raisins, acidity of olive oil etc.

Scientists specialized in Organic Agriculture offer advice to ACUA member-producers so that they produce organic products certified 100% . All the organic products of ACUA are controlled at all production stages by specialized agronomists. All the organic products are controlled and certified by DIO.

Research and Development

The R&D Dept aims at ensuring the quality of the products as well as in terms of investigating new methods for the production of new products. The company’s labs are equipped with the most advanced analysis and quality control systems and devices in the food industry, which enables the research and development of new products. New products and procedures have resulted from the research, which has generated as well scientific knowledge that has been published on international scientific magazines.

The R&D Dpt cooperates with Greek and European Research Institutes in various projects. The organic cultivation of Currants which was initiated in the early 80s with the cultivation, packaging and export of currants is possibly the most important achievement. ACUA is involved in many EU programmes as well as programmes of the Secretariat General for R&D and of other Services and cooperates with a number of Greek, British and German Universities and Research Centres. ACUA is responsible for the scientific coordination and management of many such programmes. Part of the research is conducted in the context of Master Theses, which are carried out in the company’s labs, where many senior students from Greek Universities do their internship as well.