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General Info

This excellent virgin olive oil is the natural juice of the olive tree fruit. A sacred and blessed tree which dates back in ancient Greece when gods and semi-gods lived together with Greeks and wreaths made by olive branches crowned the Olympic winners.

The olive oil is a perfect life, health and balanced diet source. It is a basic component of the healthy Mediterranean diet and is used in salads, cooking, sweets and bakery.

The excellent virgin olive oil "ΕLIKI" and "THETIS" is a carefully selected product which is paid the particular attention and respect that deserves an organic product of the highest value from the first stage until its bottling at the modern facilities of ACUA SA.

The sunny hilly lands looking to the Corinthian Gulf, the rocky and calcareous soil of the area and the traditional harvesting methods for collecting the olive fruits blend into each other and produce ”ELIKI” and “THETIS” extra virgin olive oils of the highest quality.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil "ΕLIKI" and "THETIS" come exclusively from the Union’s member producers ensuring thus its excellent quality.

“Koytsouroelia” is the variety traditionally cultivated exclusively for oil making.

The olive oil is exported to the entire world and mainly the USA, Australian and EU markets.

Processing – Quality Assurance

ELIKI Olive Oil

The traditional harvesting methods applied ensure that the fruits remain healthy. Fruits are immediately sent for crushing to the olive presses of the ACUA member-cooperatives that are scattered in the villages. This is where the olive oil is produced at low temperatures by olive oil knowledgeable and caring people.

The olive oil is, after strict scientific selection, is collected in stainless reservoirs at a specially insulated indoor space.

The product is transferred for bottling by means of a fully stainless network, without any chemical or other treatment other than filtering so as to remove moist and foreign matters.

The standardization processes are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 22000. The olive oil analysis is conducted in the ACUA ISO 17025 certified Quality Control modern Labs.

Nutritious Value

Average nutritious value per:
  per 100 ml PRODUCT per 10gr
Energy 824 kcal / 3389kJ 90 kcal / 379kJ
Proteins  0 gr  0 gr
Carbon hydrates  0 gr  0 gr
Sugar  0 gr  0 gr
Total fat 91,6 gr 10 gr
   Saturated fat 12,8 gr 1,4 gr
   Monounsaturated fat 70,5 gr 7,7 gr
   Polyunsaturated fat 8,3 gr 0,9 gr
Cholesterol 0 mgr 0 mgr
Vegetable fibres 0 gr 0 gr
Sodium 0 gr 0 gr
*Indicative Daily Intake (GDA) based on a 2.000 calories diet, which corresponds to the average daily needs of an adult.
1 PORTION = 1 SPOONFULL = 10gr ή 11ml


The "ΕLIKI" and "THETIS" olive oil may be bottled in many different packaging (from 0,25 ml until 5 lt), only following the customer’s order.