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General Info

The dried fruit mix “Mixed Fruit” is a new snack delicacy of excellent quality products from the Greek land. “Vostizza P.D.O”, Sultana and dried citrus fruit cubes.

This new natural product of high nutritious value has no additives, is rich in antioxidants, vegetable fibres and other necessary nutritious elements in the balanced daily diet of all people.

Nutritious Value

Nutritious elements per 100g
Energy320 Kcal (1340 kJ)
Proteins2.5 g
Carbon hydrates75±2 g
Sugars 70±2 g
Fat 0.4 g
Dietary Fibres6.7 g
VitaminsA, Β6, Β12, C, E
  Niacin, Folacin
Minerals per 100g
Zinc 0.6mg

It is kept in dry and cool places, at <18 °C temperature and <65% relevant humidity, free form insects and strong odours.


“Mixed Fruit” is available in the following packaging:

  • Bulk sales in carton boxes of 10, 12,5 and 14 kg net weight
  • Individual packaging of 35 gr until 3 kg net weight